ESU 50220 ECoS 2.5 system, 6A


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Available on backorder

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50220: new generation!

7″ TFT display, Capacitive Touch,MM/DCC/SX/M4, powersupply 90-240V EU, output 15-21V 150W, German manual

The ECoS 50220 is already the second generation of our successful ECoS command station. With the latest ECoS command station, ESU continues to offer state-of-the-art digital technology combined with a contemporary functional range and easy operation, all for a fair price-performance ratio.

The ECoS – like most recent central stations – features a large, high-resolution color display. Combined with the groundbreaking and easy-to-use user interface and the excellent contrast values of the color display, ECoS achieves unprecedented ergonomics: unlike all other central stations, ECoS can be operated even without a stylus – all symbols and writings are hugely marked and clearly structured.

ECoS has 9 function keys per integrated cab. The light and function keys 1 to 8 indicate the current status of the function via LEDs.

Discover the fascinating possibilities of the ECoS command station on the following pages. But beware: the ECoS performance is so good that even we had to reread a few passages to believe it!

ECoS functions

With an ECoS command station, you get an open system. As is expected of ESU, we wanted to be open and compatible with current systems and standards from the beginning. Like our decoders, the ECoS is a true multi-protocol command station.

As a multi-protocol central controller, ECoS supports DCC, Märklin® Motorola®, Selectrix® and the M4 data protocol. M4 controls and drives locomotives equipped with mfx decoders® without any restrictions. M4 is fully compatible. You can even continue to use almost all of your current locomotive decoders. ECoS is thus the only digital command station in the world that unites 4 data protocols.

With an ECoS you can run locomotives: via two integrated cabs with large, easy-to-grasp motor-driven throttles and nine precise click function keys you control your locomotives. In combination with the touchscreen, you control up to 20 functions per engine.

ECoS controls turnouts and magnetic accessories: a large, graphical control panel provides you with access to up to 1420 turnouts (DCC or Motorola Protocol®).

With ECoS you can plan and control routes: easily place turnouts and magnetic accessories graphically in groups and switch them together. Routes are activated by feedback contacts or by means of a key. You can even use s88 presence detectors or ECoSDetector feedback modules.

With ECoS you can run commuter trains very easily: place a rail contact at both ends of the track and ECoS does the rest.

The ECoS built-in booster has so much power that in most cases you don’t need an additional booster.

ECoS supports EcoSlink, a high-speed CAN-based bus system that sends data directly to the central unit.

With ECoS, programming your decoders has never been easier: the large, color TFT screen offers good contrast and displays a lot of information in unabridged text. A programming track makes contact with your decoders.

Naturally, the ECoS has a pre-installed DCC RailCom function®: with its “global detector” it recognizes RailCom-compatible® decoders (e.g. our LokPilot V4.0 decoder) directly on the main track. You also have the option of feeding the turnout position back to the ECoS central unit via the SwitchPilot.

ECoS is compatible. In addition to Selectrix®, Märklin-Motorola®® and M4, ECoS speaks all variants of the DCC Standard. With the integrated analog controllers (joysticks) you can even control the whistling signal of LokSound decoders, never before more accurately.

ECoS is expandable. Each ECoS command station has a network port for connection to a computer. So you can update software or use a computer for operation.

Who needs ECoS?

ECoS is basically the command post for everyone. Beginners, looking for an easy-to-use cab, will be right at home: the large, graphical touch screen displays all information in plain text; If in doubt, use the integrated help function. Never before has it been so easy to switch to digital control. And ECoS drives DC- or AC-powered trains (compatible decoder included).

Even model railroaders, who already have a digital command station, should make the switch to ECoS: in addition to the extremely simple inputs and the possibilities for programming routes and shuttle trains, you will learn to appreciate the many programming functions for decoders. You can connect your current equipment to the input of EcoSniffer, and keep using it: you don’t have to throw anything away that you want to keep using!

Because of its tremendous power performance, the ECoS central unit is especially recommended for track gauge 1 or G drivers: at last you can run several trains without an external booster. The total interplay with our LokSound XL V4.0 decoders is self-explanatory.