Rocoline 42400 flexible rail F4 with wooden sleepers 920mm


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Available on backorder

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Flexible rail F4 with wooden sleepers. Length 920 mm.

This is a new item, you can purchase it from us individually per piece.

Tips for laying these rails:

Flexible rails can be bent to form curves with radius up to R2 = 358 mm. Given that the two rails differ in length, depending on the radius, it is necessary to cut them to length (Roco 10900 craft saw).

For laying the flex rails, you will need rail studs, rail connectors and crossbar end pieces. The latter contain the necessary cutouts near the rail fasteners and facilitate the connection of flex rails. The flex rail rails are cut to length, then the last three sleepers of the rail are cut and the end piece of the sleeper is slid onto the rail profiles of the flex rail to replace the last three sleepers.

The ‘Roco Line’ rails are high-quality made, suitable for both beginners and professionals in the model train world. You can easily build a realistic model train track without special technical knowledge. Made of nickel silver, these rails are highly corrosion resistant and show hardly any wear and tear after years of use. The specific rail profile and surface sealing make it difficult for dirt to remain, ensuring constant contact between the rail and the wheels for uninterrupted power. With a profile height of 2.1 mm, seven parallel tracks, eight different point designs and flexible tracks, the “Roco Line” offers almost all options for a realistic model railway.