Rocoline 40295 electric turnout drive left


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7 in stock (can be backordered)

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Electric turnout drive for left ROCOLINE turnouts without ballast. This is easy to assemble and with it you have an electric turnout. 

The ‘Roco Line’ rails are high-quality made, suitable for both beginners and professionals in the model train world. You can easily build a realistic model train track without special technical knowledge. These rails, made of nickel silver, are highly corrosion resistant and show hardly any wear after years of use. The specific rail profile and surface sealing make it difficult for dirt to remain, ensuring constant contact between the rail and the wheels for uninterrupted power. With a profile height of 2.1 mm, seven parallel tracks, eight different point designs and flexible tracks, the “Roco Line” offers almost all options for a realistic model train layout.