Märklin 38201 Steam locomotive 18 201 DR AC ~ alternating current digital scale H0 1/87


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18 201 – The Green Steam Legend!
She is truly among the most famous and impressive steam locomotives: The 18 201,which was the star of the Deutsche Reichsbahn since 1961. Now a finely detailed model of this legendary locomotive appears in the Märklin program and in the green version and equipped with the additional tender that, especially after the fall of the Wall, made spectacular long-distance trips throughout the Federal Republic and through numerous neighboring countries possible. This makes the beautiful new Märklin-18 not only an attractive model for enthusiasts but this locomotive can also be used in many themes and in several eras and is therefore a real asset to any Märklin locomotive fleet.

Example: Oil-fired express train steam locomotive 18 201 with second tender. Former locomotive of the Deutsche Reichsbahn of the DDR (DR/DDR), built as an experimental locomotive of the VES-M Halle (Saale) from parts of the 61-002 and the H45-024. The model represents the condition as the locomotive was used for special trains in 2017.

Model with mfx+ digital decoder and extensive light and sound functions. Controllable high-power motor with flywheel in the boiler. Drives on 3 axles. The locomotive has non-slip tires. Locomotive and tender are constructed mostly of metal. Built-in smoke generator with dynamic smoke emission that can be controlled digitally. The triple headlights change over with the direction of travel, can be turned on in analog operation, and can be controlled digitally. Driver’s cab and running gear lighting and flickering of the firebox can be controlled digitally separately. Equipped with maintenance-free, warm white and red LED lighting. Coupling between locomotive and tender with NEM coupler pockets and adjustable close coupler. A current-conducting coupler in NEM coupler pocket on the tender for switching the vehicle lighting on the second tender. Buffer height of locomotive and tender according to NEM. Second tender equipped with separable current-conducting couplers on both sides. A rocker switch on the bottom of the 2nd tender can be used to select which side the headlights are on. This front light can be switched digitally with the locomotive decoder.
The smallest rideable radius is 360 mm. For use in larger curves and for installation in a display case, interchangeable side plates without wheel cutout are included under the driver’s cab.
Piston rod protective tubes, heating and brake hoses are also included separately. Total length over the buffers approx. 40.8 cm.

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