Märklin 29199 Starter set digital Jim Knopf


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The large playset centered around the adventures of Jim Knoop, Lucas and their locomotives Emma and Molly. Equipped with light and sound, the four adventurers set off into the unknown.
With the Märklin Power Control Stick, everything works at the push of a button. Step in with Jim and Lucas, the exciting journey begins…

The set contains:
Soom locomotive Emma with Jim Knoop, Lucas and Molly as play figures, a basket for Molly, a complete track set for a 112 x 76 cm track, a power supply and the Märklin Power Control Stick.

Digital features: Emma with driving lights Driving sound Dialogue between Jim and Lucas © (2020): Rat Pack Filmproduktion GmbH/ Warner Bros. Entertainment GmbH as well as the website: jimknopf.de

The ideal complement for the “Jim Button” theme world are the theme addition sets 44819, 44821 and 44822.