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The webshop:
Welcome to our new webshop! From now on you can order new and second-hand products online.
ESU and Märklin are currently online, we will make further additions from other brands in the near future.

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  • The additions from earlier, on Sunday, have been made. From now on, the webshop will be regularly replenished without a fixed time. So the message is to come and have a look regularly!

We hope you enjoy our new webshop! From now on open 24/7!

Our store:
We also want to keep it fun and interesting for the customers in our store. You can find MANY products in our physical store that are NOT in the webshop. You are of course welcome in our physical store to come and browse around and make fun discoveries!

Below you can see the most recently added products:

Goods yard

In stock

SKU: 72211

C-rail C5 extension set

In stock

SKU: 24905

C-rail C4 extension set

In stock

SKU: 24904

C-rail C3 expansion set

In stock

SKU: 24903

C-rail digital extension set D2

Available on backorder

SKU: 24802

ICE 2 digital starter set

Available on backorder

SKU: 29792

C-rail C1 extension set

In stock

SKU: 24900

C-rail C2 extension set

In stock

SKU: 24902