Rocoline 42594 double crossover with bedding DKW15


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1 in stock (can be backordered)

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If you want to use this turnout electrically then you can purchase the electric motor 42620 or 42624. You will need 2 pieces. 

The custom-made ROCO LINE rail system with a rail profile of 2.1 mm already includes the rail bed. This allows you to create any desired individual system design, regardless of the surface under the rails. You don’t have to make your own bedding with these rails. The intelligent yet well-structured ROCO LINE track system with 10° and 15° alternating elements and eight different radii offers sufficient scope for variable and striking track shapes. The solid nickel-silver alloy profile of the rail system in combination with the robust plastic substructure guarantees the strength and impact resistance of the track section elements. So it is able to withstand a few misplaced steps in the excitement of the game.

The rubbery bedding ensures the quietest possible driving experience: your train simply glides over the whisper-quiet ROCO LINE tracks. Only the even “tack-tack” of the wheelsets on the rail connections remains audible, which ensures a truly lifelike railway sound. The excellent conductivity of the nickel silver profiles and the polarizable cores on the switches also ensure a soft and shock-free ride of the trains.