Märklin 66471 Transformer 230V


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6 in stock (can be backordered)

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Light voltage adjustable between 4 and 16 V. Light voltage 16 V. Plastic housing. Dimensions: 120 x 140 x 80 mm. On/off switch on the power cable. VDE-approved.

The safety transformer 32 VA is only suitable for enclosed areas.

Controlled security. We guarantee flawless operation of our track only with original Märklin transformers. The transformers must be protected from moisture and are not permitted to operate outdoors. Connect only to alternating current. Also respect the operating instructions of the devices. Operation of multiple trains with separate circuits. If in conventional driving operation several trains are to be operated independently, the system is divided into several circuits. Each circuit is assigned a transformer and at least one connecting rail, and is simply electrically separated via a center conductor divider (74030, 5022 or 7522). The tracks have the same power everywhere in the Märklin-H0 system and may not be interrupted. The tracks can be closed routes, like most main routes, but also other track sections with their own operation. For this purpose, subsidiary sections, station yards, shunting tracks, shunting areas or depots are offered. Thus, there is also the possibility to control additional locomotives separately at the same time as the fully automatic operation of the railroad line. Even the overhead line of the electrified line is usually connected to its own transformer as an additional circuit in each case. In this way, the deployed locomotives running via catenary can be controlled independently of the carriages fed over the center conductor. Multiple catenary circuits must be separated via the 7022 isolation wire piece. Absorbed electrical power of locomotives and accessories. The output power (in VA) indicated on the transformer represents the absorbed electrical power of all consumers on the available circuit. Some calculation examples: Under load, smaller locomotives (e.g., tender locomotive 30001 and the like) require about 9 VA, larger locomotives (e.g., diesel locomotive 33803) require about 12 VA. The electrical power consumption of the train lights depends on the built-in incandescent lamps and is usually less than 2 VA per car. After deducting the power required for the track, the remaining reserve of the transformer on the light output can be used for electrical accessories. Here, light bulbs use between 0.5 and 1 VA (see table “Light bulbs for accessories”) and alternating or signal drives use about 6 VA when switched. Other electrical accessories must be connected to additional light transformers. The safety transformer 66471 is not a toy for children.