Brawa 41630 H0 Diesel Locomotive type 231 SNCB/NMBS DC ~ direct current digital full sound scale H0 1/87


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SNCB Class 231 diesel locomotive, Era III, road number: 231.01.

Painted: Bodywork green/chassis black.

Model in the Digital EXTRA version, with built-in load-controlled digital decoder and sound module.

With etched radiator guard (exemplary for version without radiator ribs); detached handles and steps, clear view through the driver’s cab; Lighting with maintenance-free LED.

Three-point bearing; finely detailed chassis; metal frame and wheels; Plastic body

Coupler holder according to NEM standard; spring buffers; Changing light.
Filigree, electric coupler (replaceable thanks to adapter according to NEM standard) Incl; energy storage (buffers sound, motor and light); Comprehensive lighting functions: shunting light, cab light, rear light individually switchable: optimized light control for driving and maneuvering; flicker-free light due to stabilized 5V power supply buffered by a separate capacitor.
Series-specific original sound; noise-free 16-bit sound with up to 8 independent channels thanks to the latest sound technology and excellent sound characteristics; Optimal motor and load control for perfect running characteristics.
To be used in all common digital systems (DCC, Motorola, SX1 and SX2).
– New form 2017 –