Brawa 43240 Electric locomotive E75 DB DC ~ direct current analog scale H0 1/87


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As a further development of the E77, the DRG ordered further electric locomotives in 1926 for use in the South and Central German network. While the electrical equipment remained virtually unchanged, a new one-piece vehicle frame with the axle arrangement 1 ́BB1 ́ was constructed. The changes to the chassis set the maximum permissible speed at 70 km/h, and it was hoped that this would make it more usable in mixed plans for passenger and freight trains. Of the planned 79 locomotives, the E75 01-12 made it to southern Germany. The E75 51-69 were delivered to Leipzig West, Wahren, Bitterfeld and Magdeburg-Buckau.

Model Details

Installed handlebars in low material thickness

Three-point bearing

Finely detailed chassis

Functional pantographs (mechanical)

Machine room equipment reproduced

LED lighting

Metal bars

Metal frames and wheels

Another design of the front windows and lanterns

Prototypical, multi-piece roof equipment

High serviceability through easy disassembly of the housing

Lubrication of the motor mounts and worms through holes in the circuit board and gearbox cover or on the side after disassembly of the housing