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For the transportation of moisture-sensitive goods such as lime, the railroads very early on had so-called folding cars in various designs. In the second half of the 1920s, the development of this type of car led to the K Elberfeld 80 001 et seq. which met the exchange design standard in force at the time and was standardized accordingly. The 8.1 m (without handbrake) and 8.8 m (with handbrake) long wagons were given the short wheelbase of 4 m common at the time and could be loaded up to 17.5 tons. To withstand this weight, the side walls and hinged covers were fitted with striking cross beads for reinforcement. While the original paint was in RAL 8012 with chassis and offset fittings in RAL 9005, this soon changed to a light gray color haze when loading lime. The 991 cars delivered (until 1933) were also the last mass-produced cars with hinged lids. Although the hinged lid cars could be loaded mechanically, they could only be unloaded manually. This circumstance led to the fact that the development of wagons for transporting corresponding goods continued in the direction of self-unloading wagons as early as the Reichsbahn era, and there were no significant new developments after the K25. Nevertheless, the vehicles classified as K25 by the Deutsche Bundesbahnen remained in regular service until the end of the 1960s and occasionally as company cars.


Substitute axle holder made of metal

Special attached braking system

Differences based on variants

Fine engraved rivets

Scaled construction