Brawa 50731 closed freight wagon NMBS/SNCB scale H0 1/87


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The Deutsche Reichsbahn was constantly striving to expand and renew its fleet of wagons. The successor to the Gms Oppeln can therefore be seen as the Gm(h)s Bremen. In keeping with the state of the art, the Gm(h)s Bremen were produced in welded construction from 1943 and were given an extremely long wheelbase of 7 m to achieve the desired flexibility of the vehicles. In addition, 260 mm high long girders were used for the first time, but they were made lighter and in total about 25% of the cost was saved compared to the previous design, the Gms Oppeln. The exact number of cars delivered by the end of the war is not known. However, based on existing inventory records, it can be assumed that at least 7,230 remained with various state railroads. Reichsbahn headquarters in the British-American zone had resumed production of Gm(h)s 35 in 1949 with new orders, due to the numerous war losses, new freight cars were needed quickly to cope with the emerging transport volumes. In terms of design, there were minor changes from the original design. Most notable were undoubtedly the now vertical strut on the loading door and the omission of the diagonal at the front. By the end of 1950, another 5,925 Gm(h)’s had been added to the Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB). At the Deutsche Reichsbahn of the Soviet zone, production was resumed in late 1945 and classified as Gmhs 11, so the Reichsbahn came up with a total of some 800 cars of this type. From 1967 the majority of the cars were modernized at RAW Magdeburg. The wagons were fitted with UIC loading and fan valves, were plated in the upper third of the side walls, fitted with tin roofs and converted to wheel sets with roller bearings.


Metal axle bearings

Different body designs

Different frame construction

Specially attached axle bearing covers

Brake shoes in wheel surface

Specially attached handlebars, step and brake system

Specially attached axle brake rod

Opened body support