ESU 53451 LokProgrammer


1 in stock (can be backordered)

1 in stock (can be backordered)

Want to listen to the sound spectrum of your favorite locomotive, or the special sound of that locomotive around the corner in the yard – on your model railroad? No problem with ESU’s LokProgrammer!
One requirement: a PC with sound card and Windows (Windows 8.1 and higher). Easily record the original sound of your engine and edit it at home with your computer. Many customers have already done this successfully. Even if you are not yet among this elite group of LokSound Pros, the LokProgrammer is still a very useful tool for you. It is the easiest way to program your ESU decoder. You don’t need any programming experience, thanks to the graphical screen everything falls into place with a few mouse clicks.
What the LokProgrammer can do:
-Change the sound stored on the decoder.
-Set all the digital parameters of the Loksound decoder, such as locomotive address, operating speed, maximum speed, braking delay, brightness of lights, etc.; you can set all the options very easily via your computer — no — cumbersome entering of CVs (configuration variables) with your central unit.
-Restore your sounds and transfer them to the LokSound decoder.
-You can use any sounds that can be downloaded to your computer’s hard drive.
-Sounds can be assigned to different events.
-Via function buttons additional sounds can be activated.

With the LokProgrammer you can delete the sound data of any LokSound decoder as often as you want and replace it with another sound. For this purpose we offer on our homepage more than 200 different, fully matching sounds from -various prototypes and locomotives to download on your computer. You can also edit only parts of a sound project: Don’t like the decoder whistle? Just replace it with one of many others. -Suitable sources, in addition to those we offer, are available in Windows *.wav format. Sound – even voice or music is no problem for our decoders. With the help of the LokProgrammer you take advantage of all the flexibility and functionality offered by LokSound decoders.
Similarly, all other ESU decoders benefit from the versatility of the LokProgrammer; regardless of whether it is a DCC, Multiprotocol or mfx decoder. With its help, it is possible to edit all the parameters of the decoder in question simply and easily. The options available depend on the type of decoder. In addition to addresses and acceleration and deceleration settings, the main issues are the assignment of function keys (function mapping), the assignment of special effects to the individual outputs or the brightness of the lamp. The LokProgrammer can also help optimize back-EMF parameters or the loadable speed table. All options can be programmed very easily: there is no more time for tedious typing of CV numbers on the digital station.

It’s that simple: the LokProgrammer is a small programming box, which is connected between the PC and a programming track. To connect it, you need a free serial interface, or use the included USB adapter cable (works with Windows up to Windwos 10). For power, we supply a 500 mA wall power supply. If your needs are larger (e.g. for track I motors), you can also use a conventional model railroad transformer.
After connecting, you start up the extremely user-friendly LokProgrammer software. It runs on all modern Windows systems (Windows 8.1 and higher). Simply place the locomotive with the ESU decoder on your programming track and you can immediately read, edit or program it. The Programmer automatically recognizes the decoder in the engine.
The LokProgrammer is not only recommended for use with our ESU decoders: meanwhile, many well-known model railroad manufacturers equip their locomotives with ESU decoders at the factory, which of course can be modified again within the framework of their technical specifications – with the help of the LokProgrammer. As you can see, the purchase of a LokProgrammer is definitely worthwhile.
The LokProgrammer can also be helpful when updating decoders. Almost all ESU decoders can be updated, in case you want a new software version. For this you only need the LokProgrammer and a small update program, which you can download from our homepage.
The future
LokProgrammer software is constantly being reviewed. You can always download the latest, relevant version from our homepage, or install it on your computer automatically, via an Internet update function.